Plato?s Laws

Spring 2009

Lecturer: Jakub Jinek



Course description


The course is designed to be an introduction to Plato?s Laws. Our first objective is to explore the construction of the ?second best constitution? and its philosophical fundamentals such as: virtue, political friendship, education, equality and the philosophical knowledge. Second, we will explore the connection between the Republic and the Laws and ask whether Plato abandoned and revised his original project at the later stage of his life.




Students will be expected to do the assigned reading before the class and to actively participate in discussions. Each session will deal with a particular subject attached to each Book of the Laws (see the schedule). Students are required to give an oral presentation of this subject based on the recommended readings.


Required texts

Plato, Laws, preferably the translation by Trevor J. Saunders, London: Penguin Classics, 1970.


Recommended texts

(All available in the library)


Barker, E., The political thought of Plato and Aristotle, New York 1959.

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