Možné varianty semináře z politické filosofie na letní semestr 2008 Syllabus semináře z dějin politické filosofie


J. Jirsa

Středa  10:50 ? 12:25



1) anarchismus

R. P. Wolff: ?Conflict Between Authority and Autonomy? in Wolff: In Defense of Anarchism. New York (1970).

H. Frankfurt: ?The Anarchism of Robert Paul Wolff?, In Political Theory 1 (1973), 405-414.

A. J. Simmons: ?Political Anarchism?, in TJ. Sanders and J. Naverson, eds: For and Against the State, Landham (1996), 19-39.


2) skepticismus ohledně politických závazků

M. B. E. Smith: ?Is There a Prima Facie Obligation to Obey the Law??, The Yale Law Journal 82 (1973), 950-976.

J. Raz: ?The Obligation to Obey: Revision and Tradition? in Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics and Public Policy 1 (1984) 139-155.


3) právo vládnout bez povinnosti poslouchat

R. Landerson: ?In Defense of Hobbesian Conception of Law?, in Philosophy and Public Affairs 9 (1980)

J. Raz: ?Authority and Justification?, in Philosophy and Public Affairs 14 (1985)


4) shoda a dohoda

K. Greenawalt: ?Promissory Obligation: The Scheme of Social Contract?, in Greenawalt: Conflicts of Law and Morality, New York-Oxford (1987) 47-61.

A. J. Simmons: ?Justification and Legitimacy? in ethics 109 (1999) 739-771.


5) smlouva

M. Gilbert: ?Reconsidering the ?Actual Contract? Theory of Political Obligation?, in Ethics 109 (1999) 236-260.

M. E. Bratman: ?Shared Intention and Mutual Obligation?, in Bratman: Faces of Intention, Cambridge (1999), 130-141.


6) demokracie: něco zvláštního?

B. Barry: ?Is Democracy Special??, in Barry, Democracy and Power, Oxford (1991), 24-60.

G. Kateb: ?The Moral Distinctivness of Representative Democracy?, Ethics 91 (1981) 357-374.


7) utilitární pohled

J. Mill: ?Government?, Mill, Political Writings, Cambridge (1992).

R. Harrison, ?Benthmam?, in Harrison, Democracy, London (1993) 51-61.


8) obecná vůle

J. J. Rousseau, pasáže ze Společenské smlouvy

R. Harrison, ?Rousseau? in Harrison, Democracy, London (1993)


9) liberalismus

B. Constant, ?The Liberty of the Ancients Compared with that of the Moderns?, in Constant, Political writings, Cambridge (1988) 309-328.

Q. Skinner, ?The Idea of Negative Liberty?, in Rorty, Schneewind, Skinner, eds. Philsophy in History, Cambridge (1984) 193-221.

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